I was fortunate to be drafted in this year’s Major League Baseball draft by the Seattle Mariners, and I owe that, in part, to what Dr. Allen did for me. When I first hurt my shoulder I was very worried and did not know what to expect with everything and how the whole surgery and rehab process would work. I saw a few different doctors but Dr. Allen made me feel the most comfortable and assured me I would be back to 100%, and back on the field as soon as possible. The surgery went very well and the program he put me on made my arm feel better than ever. He didn’t rush anything and always made sure I was feeling fine and comfortable with what was going on. I am very happy with the way everything worked out and I can’t thank Dr. Allen enough for everything he did for me.

- Timothy Morris

I am a competitive Kendo practitioner. Kendo is a Japanese martial art practiced with a bamboo wooden sword. During practice last fall, I injured my left knee. I was totally devastated when the MRI result confirmed a complete rupture of my left ACL.

As I educated myself, I learned that the road to healing is a long process, including the 6-9 months of rehabilitation after the surgery. As I knew I was about to enter a long-term relationship with a physician and his team, I wanted to make sure I was working with a doctor I felt very comfortable with and whom I could really trust.

After interviewing three surgeons at HSS, I chose Dr. Allen. He did not treat me like just another number on his chart. During our initial consultation, he clarified the surgery procedure and answered all my questions. He was attentive and most importantly he fully understood my passion for Kendo. He did not solely rely on his expertise and experience of already having performed countless ACL surgeries, but treated my injury like a new and unique case. Since Kendo is not a widely known sport, he asked me many questions and I knew that his approach to my injury was tailored specifically to my needs.

Although an ACL tear is a common injury among athletes, it was a big deal for me, as I never had any surgery before in my life. Dr. Allen and his team were well aware of this and provided me with the best professional care. If I ever have another injury (God forbid), I would never go to anyone else.

It’s been nine months since I had my ACL surgery and I have been back at practice and sparring. I look forward to my first post-surgery tournament to show the world that I am back. All of this is thanks to Dr. Allen.

- Miyun Kang

My name is Tracie Max Sachs and I’m a professional Speed Skier. I’m a five-time World Cup Champion in speed skiing, and my fastest speed on skis is 148.27 mph. When I crashed two years ago, and tore my ACL, I had to find a surgeon that I trusted to operate on my knee. After searching the web, I found Dr. Answorth Allen.

At our first meeting, I knew Dr. Allen was a serious surgeon I could trust. He made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would be able to ski again the following season.

I had my surgery at the end of June 2007. Dr. Allen chose the donor allograft to reconstruct my ACL. With this arthroscopic surgery, he assured me I could ski by November.

The surgery went very well. I had it on a Friday and I was back at work on Monday. I was off my crutches a week later. After plenty of physical therapy and hard work, I was skiing again by Thanksgiving. I was scared at first, but soon got my ski legs back. Dr. Allen was so confident with his work, he suggested skiing without a brace. I did ski without a brace, and I began to feel very strong and confident myself. Since my surgery I have been on the podium in every race I’ve participated in. I have Dr. Allen to thank for that.

- Tracie Max Sachs

As a former college football All-American, high level athletics and leading an active lifestyle are absolute essentials for me. To this day I continue playing in highly competitive recreational football leagues, as well as working out regularly, and living a highly active lifestyle. After 4 years of college football with no major injuries, I have had the misfortune of sustaining two major injuries in the last 8 years.

In December of 2001, I sustained a fifth degree separation of my clavical playing football and needed an AC joint reconstruction. Choosing a surgeon who would get me back playing and performing at the level I was used to was actually an easy choice. Dr. Answorth Allen had operated on a number of high caliber athletes that I knew and they all had very good results. From the minute I was diagnosed, to rehab, until my first game back (8 months later) my overall experience could not have been better. That September I was back playing at the same level as before the injury, and living the active lifestyle that I was accustomed to.

My next injury came once again playing football. During the end of October 2008, I ruptured my pectoralis major muscle. I can honestly say that because of my experience and results with Dr. Allen after my first surgery, this one was far less stressful to me. It’s now been 9 months since my surgery and I am doing everything that I had prior to the surgery at the same level. Dr. Allen is one of the top sports surgeons in the world and I consider myself lucky that he was my surgeon. Even more impressive than Dr. Allen’s surgical skills are his character. He is one of the most dedicated people that I know and treats every patient like they are part of his family. My life was positively impacted by being a patient of Dr. Allen’s. Thank You!

- Anthony Zito

Twas the first half of the first game in the first round of the 2012 NBA playoffs. I was a rookie with no idea of how to approach a playoff series. We were facing a 20-point blowout to the highly favored Miami Heat but we had more than enough fight in us and had proven we could recover from large deficits. The adrenaline just kicked in as we began to make a run when Miami's play began to get sloppy due to the lopsided scoreboard. I'm pushing the ball with a full head of steam coast to coast after a break (how Knick fans fell in love with me in the first place), I met Mario Chalmers at half court and began an in and out move to blow by him and start my approach to get my hands on the rim. I knew a statement play was needed but Rio jumped the move...damn it! I tried to abandon my decision in the middle of stepping the other direction and that's when I heard the pop in my knee!

My whole career, I never faced a season-ending injury but I knew from that noise my first taste of playoff basketball was over and my first taste of a playoff rival was birthed. I became a mere cheerleader from our locker room as my torn ACL wouldn't even allow me a chance to sit on the bench with my squad...or as we called ourselves at the time...#theknickstape.

After tearing my ACL and being in the locker room speechless, the only silver lining giving me any confidence to look up was speaking with Dr. Lisa Callahan (the New York Knicks' primary physician). The reason she was able to calm me was because she assured me, with all of her, that she hired the best surgeon in sports, Dr. Answorth Allen. I was always comfortable leaving my health in her hands. She told me that in two days I would take a private flight back to New York and that she wanted me to have my surgery done at the Hospital For Special Surgery.

She promised me that if I allowed Dr. Allen to repair my knee when I got back to NY, that in a few years I would forget I ever had the surgery on my knee and that I would be back going thru my legs to dunk on the breakaway. Needless to say that to this day she has never lied to me! In 8 months, I was back to doing everything I could do on the court and more!

The care I received at HSS was extraordinary. From the food...to the drugs (loved the Percocet haha)...to the friendly nurses…through the pain, they made sure I had plenty of laughter, plenty hugs and most of all I felt NO PAIN!

I would put my name on the line for this hospital in a heartbeat. Not only did they fix me up but they've also continued to follow my career even though I parted ways with the New York Knicks. They will always receive a tremendous amount of respect from me for extending my career by repairing everything I tore. Can't thank them enough and can't say it enough...Dr. Answorth Allen is the best!

- Iman Shumpert I, Cleveland Cavaliers Guard