In order to have a complete examination, it is necessary to have recent X-rays and/or an MRI of the affected body part. Any film taken within six months is considered recent. If you have had an X-ray or an MRI, please bring the films and report with you to your appointment. Please remember to take any outside films home with you after your appointment. We cannot be responsible for films left in the office.

If you do not have recent films, you will need to have them taken prior to your appointment. X-rays can be taken at our facility by the BelAire Radiology Department. If you choose to have them taken at the facility, you will need to arrive one hour prior to your appointment time. If you have any questions about X-rays or the associated costs, please call the Radiology Department at 212-606-1694. Our other facilities have on-site X-ray at a separate charge billed by our office.